iCore Integration Suite v4.2.5 is out now!

iCIS v4.2.5 is now available for everyone running the on-premise (local) version of iCIS. This release includes all the functionality in iCIS Cloud from v4.2.0 to v4.2.5, including:

  • Improved user management, including support for authentication with OIDC (for system login), user groups and new user permissions.
  • Component definition locks - Useful when you want to avoid multiple users making simultaneous changes to the same Component definition.
  • Support for AS2 has been re-worked to better comply with the specification for EDIINT. AS2-related Workflow activities now support multiple attachments.
  • All dates and times in iCIS are now stored in the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) format. This simplifies, among other things, time indications and troubleshooting when running clustered iCore systems.
  • Database management has been improved and can now handle even higher volumes.

You can find detailed information in What's new and Release notes on our new documentation site. 

To download the software, visit iCore Tech

Håkan Holm

Chief Technology Officer
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