OPC functionality in iCIS helps streamline production flows

In a recent integration project, iCore customer Santa Maria has been able to use the OPC functionality in iCIS to rationalize their production flow, and assume control of the production line PLCs (including spice mixers, spice formula control and palletizing) directly from the ERP (Dynamics AX). The solution makes it possible to bypass a number of existing server applications, and provide the ERP with data that is an accurate reflection of the current production conditions.

OPC (OLE for Process Control), is an international standard for communication between computers and embedded systems (for example, Programmable Logic Controllers, or PLCs, used in automated production systems). Later versions of iCore Integration Suite includes OPC functionality, which opens up new possibilities to administer, control and rationalize automated production flows.

With the OPC functionality available in iCIS, iCore contributes to introducing IoT (Internet of Things) into the realm of industrial applications and smart manufacturing.

Håkan Holm

Chief Technology Officer
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