Take your inventory to the next level!

AutoStore is a unique automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) system suitable for all retail, e-commerce and distribution companies looking to increase efficiency, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.


Process automation and optimization

Always on - 100% automated solution - no manual work in the core processes. Total cost of ownership is reduced by more than 25%.

Visibility and control

Get a complete overview of your processes, increase business intelligence and predict problems before they occur.

Grow over time

Standardize the sharing of customer data - Easily add or remove applications and business processes. Become more flexible and create the basis for continuous change. Create synergies with other stakeholders.

AutoStore saves up to 80% floor space, which is scalable and offers flexible capacity by storing the goods in boxes stacked on top of each other and handled by high-speed robots.

iCore Accelerator for Autostore helps you connect the systems involved in your order to cash process (eg your WMS, ERP and e-commerce solution) into a single standardized solution for a fixed monthly price and implementation cost.

The accelerator is easy to set up and configure to automate processes such as:

  • Product information when goods are received
    • The reply receipt
  • Pick list for customized delivery
    • The reply receipt

All iCore accelerators include built-in functionality for data transformation, process automation, monitoring and alarming.

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