Advanced Developer

The Advanced Developer course teaches you to create advanced integration logic built on Workflows and Web APIs.

Note: Attending this course requires that you have previously completed the Integration Designer and Developer courses, and that you have basic knowledge of XML, XML schemas, and the Microsoft .Net framework.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the Workflow Designer tool to create and edit Workflows, as well as combining Workflow features with basic configuration, development and code generation.
  • Learn how to use Web APIs to quickly and easily set up integration flows towards the latest web platforms.
  • Use our recommended system setup and system naming conventions, including packages, service, authentication and database settings (iCore Implementation guidelines)
  • Import and export iCore entities.
  • Apply naming conventions for Script variables and objects, Nodes and Node filters.

Duration: 2 days

The course is recommended for:

  • Developers
  • Systems analysts
  • IT architects

Advanced Developer training, spring 2021

Location Week Dates Status
Göteborg 08 2021-02-23 -> 2021-02-24 Sign up now!
Stockholm 16 2021-04-21 -> 2021-04-22 Sign up now!
Göteborg 23 2021-06-08 -> 2021-06-09 Sign up now!
London 24 2021-06-17 -> 2021-06-18 Sign up now!


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