Integration Designer

The purpose of the Integration Designer course is to teach you how to design and implement integration solutions based on the iCore integration methodology and the tools available in iCore Integration Suite (iCIS). You will start with a basic integration scenario and implement it in iCIS. Through a number of exercises, you will learn how to modify the solution as the scope expands and the business requirements change.

The course contains:

  • An introduction to iCore Integration Suite, iCore Administrator and the iCore integration methodology. Learn about the technical architecture of iCore Process Server — the "engine" running it all.
  • A review of basic concepts in iCIS, such as Component definitions and configurations, Events, and Nodes.
  • Comprehensive exercises – design and implement an integration solution using Adapterflows, Scripts, and ESB routing. Learn how to make use of the powerful track and trace features in iCIS, and how to use packaged functionality to save development time. Learn how to consume a Web service and set up iCore Invoke to trigger external events.


3+1 days (three days "on location" training + one day at home. On the last day, you will carry out a certification assignment with online support from your instructor).

Recommended for:

  • Administrators and operative staff
  • Developers
  • Systems Analysts
  • IT architects

Integration Designer training, spring 2021

Location Week Dates Status
Göteborg 06 2021-02-09 -> 2021-02-12 Sign up now!
Stockholm 11 2021-03-16 -> 2021-03-19 Sign up now!
Göteborg 18 2021-05-04 -> 2021-05-07 Sign up now!
London 20 2021-05-17 -> 2021-05-20 Sign up now!


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