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Introduction to digital transformation

Digitization is a global force that fundamentally changes companies and organizations. Increased unpredictability in the market, changes in customer behavior and rapid technology development create new demands on IT departments to meet the company's digital ambitions. But what does digital transformation mean and how can IT departments become a strategic partner and business enabler? This course gives you insight and tools to address the challenges of tomorrow.

We are happy to offer this course in collaboration with our partner the Goodwind Company.

Introduction to digital transformation, autumn 2020

Location Week Dates Status
Göteborg 42 2020-10-15, 08:30-12:30 Sign up now!
Stockholm 47 2020-11-17, 08:30-12:30 Sign up now!


1. What is digitization?

We study the latest trends in digital transformation and try to understand what they mean for your business:

  • What are the latest trends in digital transformation?
  • What does digital transformation mean in practice?
  • Why have some companies been more successful on their digital journey?
  • iCore experts explain how cloud-based applications and integration leads to increased competitiveness and value.

2. Information management

We perform an evaluation of the maturity of information management at your company. The method is based on iCore's solid experience, packaged by the Goodwind company.

  • Information management and digital capability assessment
  • What can we learn from each other? (group discussion)
  • How can you plan and prioritize your work going forward?

3. Become an information champion

We put together a concrete plan for how the company can improve the value of information.

  • Identify three focus areas
  • Short discussion with information management expert / coach (10 minutes)
  • Networking
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