Introduction to digital transformation

Digitization is a global force that fundamentally changes companies and organizations. Increased unpredictability in the market, changes in customer behavior and rapid technology development create new demands on IT departments to meet the company's digital ambitions. But what does digital transformation mean and how can IT departments become a strategic partner and business enabler? This course gives you insight and tools to address the challenges of tomorrow.

We are happy to offer this course in collaboration with our partner the Goodwind Company.

Please contact me for information on course dates 2021.

1. What is digitization?

We study the latest trends in digital transformation and try to understand what they mean for your business:

  • What are the latest trends in digital transformation?
  • What does digital transformation mean in practice?
  • Why have some companies been more successful on their digital journey?
  • iCore experts explain how cloud-based applications and integration leads to increased competitiveness and value.

2. Information management

We perform an evaluation of the maturity of information management at your company. The method is based on iCore's solid experience, packaged by the Goodwind company.

  • Information management and digital capability assessment
  • What can we learn from each other? (group discussion)
  • How can you plan and prioritize your work going forward?

3. Become an information champion

We put together a concrete plan for how the company can improve the value of information.

  • Identify three focus areas
  • Short discussion with information management expert / coach (10 minutes)
  • Networking
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    iCore training spring 2021

    The training dates for the spring are available now!

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    iCore training autumn 2020

    The training dates for the autumn are available now!

  • News

    Henrik Ljungdahl: Integration is not just for the IT department!

    We are happy to announce that we have recruited Henrik Ljungdahl as our new Business Development manager.

  • The market

    The Digital Paradox

    Our perception of digitalization is a result of all our experience in this practice – spiced with mindset and knowledge.

  • The market

    Turning data and information into profit

    Data and information is the glue that allows the company making the right decisions to drive profits. Without insights about how the market works, it would be impossible to match the ever-changing demand of the customers.

  • The market

    Innovation – everybody is talking about it, but nobody is doing it!

    Innovation is at the top of management agenda to address the new challenges of digitalization. However, innovation is not primarily a tool or process but a mindset and culture.

  • The market

    Balancing quality and quantity of information

    Information is the greatest asset in many organizations, but also the biggest obstacle in the digital transformation process.

  • The market

    The importance of sourcing in digital transformation

    How does IT sourcing contribute to business performance? How do you handle sourcing in a digital transformation process on a corporate level?

  • The market

    Starting with purpose (why) in the digital transformation journey

    Digital transformation is often triggered by managers based on a fear of losing market position. What we need to understand is that change is a mental journey and it takes time to understand and commit to the new challenges.

  • The market

    Continuous change without any periods of stability!

    The concept of Digitalization was defined by Gartner in 2012. It meant focus on social, mobility, information and cloud services that was changing business at that time. In 2018, the concept of digitalization has evolved!

  • News

    Learn how to become more agile and data driven

    Carl-Adam Wachtmeister (Business Development Manager at iCore) recently appeared on the Transforming business podcast hosted by ByBrick management.

  • Events

    Meet us at KOMMEK in August!

    iCore will participate at the KOMMEK conference which takes place at Malmömässan on the 22-23rd of August. Together with Arribatec and Xledger, we will talk about how organizations can become more efficient using integrated, automated, and digital processes.

  • Customer stories

    How Bisnode uses integration to consolidate its systems and processes

    Data analyst company Bisnode Sweden has spent the last years consolidating 17 companies into one. They are now focusing on improving their processes, using agile methods and working closely with company management and day-to-day operations.

  • The market

    The death of long-term planning

    The governance revolution implies the death of long-term planning. A prerequisite for long-term planning is high market and technology predictability (we can predict the future) – which is no longer available in IT intensive markets.

  • The market

    The Digital Cost Paradox

    Digital transformation has multiple dimensions and comes with a set of challenges. One challenge is to find resources and funding for new digital initiatives in an era of continuous cost-cutting.

  • Events

    Breakfast seminar: Why are some companies more successful than others?

    Join us for an interesting breakfast seminar on the 30th of May!

  • The market

    What determines success when it comes to digital transformation?

    It is believed that 50% of the traditional companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000 due to digitalization. They failed to remain relevant and competitive in a fast-changing business environment and was easily phased out. This is the brutality of digital transformation.

  • The market

    Addressing the true challenges of digital transformation

    Digitalization is the most complex challenge companies face today. Still, many invest in quick solutions (technology) while neglecting a proper analysis of the root causes and impact of digitalization on their business. Why is that?

  • News

    Meet Hans Gillior – expert in digital transformation

    We are happy and excited to welcome Hans Gillior as a guest writer on the iCore blog! He will share his insights about the challenges of digital transformation in a series of blog posts during the spring.