Connect any system or application!

iCore Integration Suite is a business integration platform which lets you develop, test, run and monitor integration solutions tailored to your business processes. Whether you decide to run iCIS in the cloud or on your own servers, it is the backbone of a sustainable data infrastructure.


Become more adaptable and innovative

With iCIS you will be better equipped to handle growth and organizational changes, and you will have the tools required to follow the latest digital trends.

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Reduce costs

Set up and configure advanced integration functionality. Create solutions with a modular structure which increases the level of reuse and minimizes development time.

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Improve customer service

Provide your customers and business partners with accurate, up-to-date information about inventory, orders and deliveries. Track the progress of your data flows at all times.

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Why do you need a dedicated integration platform?

Most vendors offer tools and APIs to open up their products and enable communication with other systems and applications. So why invest in a dedicated integration platform?

  • Best-of-breed – With an integration platform, you can secure your independence and make sure you are always able to choose the best product in each category.
  • Keep your house in order - No more "integration spaghetti" and point-to-point connections between your systems.
  • Standardized solutions - The connections between your systems become more standardized and less person-dependent.
  • GDPR and privacy - It will be easier to keep track of what personal data is sent and how it is stored.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting - With an integration platform, you get powerful, built-in tools for monitoring and troubleshooting your data flows.
  • Lower cost - Direct connection via APIs may have a low startup cost, but over time you will notice that these short-term gains turn into substantial long-term maintenance costs.


iCore Integration Suite - a complete toolbox!

Develop, test, run and monitor integration solutions tailored to your business processes.

Design your solutions

Design and develop solutions tailored to your business processes. Set up single control-flow logic or perform advanced data mapping. 

Test and evaluate

Experiment with each integration component in a separate environment without interfering with the running system.

An engine you can rely on

Built on the latest Microsoft technology, the integration engine in iCIS delivers consistently high performance, security, and stability.

Track and trace

Powerful functionality for monitoring and controlling your integration flows.


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