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One of the great challenges facing companies today is to handle the rapidly growing amount of data in their IT systems. They need to be able to quickly and accurately process information from both old legacy applications operating on the company network, and new ones based in the cloud. The need for agile solutions has never been greater and will only continue to grow over time.

We have built our integration platform, the iCore Integration Suite, around the needs of the modern enterprise. The platform is the result of our extensive experience from business integration and has been developed in an ongoing dialogue with customers and partners.

iCore Integration Suite is a complete toolkit for designing, testing, implementing and monitoring professional integration solutions. It is capable of handling all your needs for quality data control, and contains powerful tools for supply chain integration, cross-enterprise collaboration and virtual enterprises.

Are you looking for an agile integration platform that supports your business model and helps you turn data into profits? Look no further than iCore Integration Suite.

What can iCore Integration Suite do for your business?

Using iCore Integration Suite can have a positive impact on your business on many levels. 

Become more adaptable

An integration platform makes your company more flexible and adaptable. It exposes the bottlenecks in your business processes and ensures that data is available in the right place, at the right time. You will be better equipped to handle growth and organizational changes, and you will have the tools required to follow the latest digital trends.

iCore Integration Suite helps take your IT to the next level – it lets you focus on innovation instead of maintenance and day-to-day operations!

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Reduce costs

With iCore Integration Suite, you can create solutions with a modular structure which increases the level of reuse and minimizes development time. Our solution packages lets you quickly set up and configure advanced integration functionality. There is no need to replace your old systems – connect them to iCIS instead and let our integration engine convert, enrich and transfer your data. Having an integration platform also makes it easier to estimate the cost of integration projects, which are often a significant part of a company’s total IT costs.

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Improve customer service

Using iCore Integration Suite lets you open up your data streams to the entire organization and combine insights across departments which can do wonders to provide high-quality, consistent customer service. You can provide your customers and business partners with accurate, up-to-date information about inventory, orders and deliveries. With the administrative tools included in iCIS, you can track the progress of your data flows at all times, and anticipate problems before they occur.

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All the functionality you need

  • Design your solutions

    With the tools available in iCore Integration Suite (iCIS), you can design and develop solutions that fit your business processes perfectly. Whether you want to quickly set up single-control flow logic (for example picking up a file from a folder or database), or perform advanced data mapping and enrichment, iCIS contains the tools that will get the job done. You do not need advanced programming skills – user-friendly wizards and GUIs provide structured procedures and environments that ensures a smooth development experience.

    The design process in iCore Integration Suite essentially involves two separate steps. In the first step, you create your basic integration building blocks, or Definitions. When these are in place, you create matching Configurations. The Configurations specify the exact conditions under which the building blocks execute. This is “integration by configuration”, a feature unique to iCore Integration Suite which makes your solutions highly adaptable and flexible. It means that you can reuse an existing building block in any number of ways, resulting in consistency and a lot of time and money saved.

  • Test before you deploy

    iCore Integration Suite contains a number of tools and features that will help you test and verify your integration solution before you let it loose on your data.

    Our primary testing tool lets you experiment with each building block thoroughly in a separate environment that does not interfere with the running system. You can try “feeding” it different types of data and make sure it does exactly what it is supposed to.

    Once you are ready to test more complex solutions, containing many building blocks, you can easily set up a dedicated test system – on the same machine – for this purpose.

  • An engine you can rely on

    iCore Integration Suite features a powerful integration engine, the iCore Process Server (iCPS), which ensures that your solutions keep running and that your data keeps flowing. Built on the latest Microsoft technology, it delivers consistently high performance and stability.

    • Powerful — iCPS supports a large number of communication methods and protocols. It routes messages between all applications and allows loosely coupled connections and information exchanges, in real-time as well as in batches.
    • Scalable — iCPS supports clustering and multiple CPUs in order to cope with increasing complexity and data transaction volumes. It includes tools for fine-tuning and optimizing performance.
    • Reliable — iCPS is fault-redundant with built-in track & trace and alarm functionality, ensuring a high level of availability.
  • Stay in control

    When your solution is up and running, you need management and administration tools that makes it easy to check up on your data flows and modify the solution if necessary.

    The Administrator tool in iCore Integration Suite has a graphical user interface and contains functionality for configuring, monitoring and controlling your iCore systems. You can customize settings for track & trace, log levels, and alarms. Built-in tracking functionality ensures that you can easily find information about any event that has occurred in a system. The Administrator can be used to monitor all your iCore systems in one place, and is available both as a local installation and a web application.

    iCore Integration Suite also provides a number of cmdlets (“commandlets”) that can be used to manage certain functions via PowerShell. For example, you can use cmdlets to create and update iCore systems, starting and stopping a service, importing and exporting systems and performing batch imports.

  • Take a shortcut

    To help you speed up development, we have created a large number of “pre-packaged” accelerators and solutions that can be used directly in iCore Integration Suite. They provide a shortcut to advanced functionality and require only a minimum of modification and configuration. Note that some packages can be downloaded from the iCore website for free, while others require a license fee.

    • Our accelerators can be used to connect your integration platform to your backend systems in a loosely-coupled, standardized way. We provide a large number of accelerators that enable communication with applications such as Dynamics AX/NAV, SAP, EPiServer, Movex M3, and more.
    • Our packaged solutions provide out-of-the-box functionality that can make your life a whole lot easier. For example, you can quickly set up a B2B or third-party logistics solution, send automatic reports from your iCore systems or perform batch exports of database data.

Total deployment flexibility

  • On Premise

    Manage your integration solutions from a local setup in your own environment.

  • In the cloud

    Manage your integration solutions via our cloud-based subscription service.

  • Hybrid

    Combine on-premise integration with a cloud solution to support your business goals in an optimal way.

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