Want to succeed with digitalization? Start with your processes!

Invest in process-based integration instead of data integration. Go deeper, and connect your business goals, data and processes. This way you will get more out of your digitalization and become more profitable.



Create the foundation

To succeed with digitalization, you need to keep track of your business needs and processes.

Gather important stakeholders in the organization and work together to map your processes. Try to look beyond the technology, and don't avoid the difficult questions.


Map your processes

Avoid the pitfalls

Traditionally, integrations are created in system and application projects. This leads to integrations that often have strong personal dependencies, that lack the security of traceability & alarm functionality and cannot be reused.


Don't fall in!​

Find the balance

The organization's demands for agility and rapid innovation do not always match the IT organization's security requirements.

With structured integration work and a strategy for loosely connected systems / applications, you create the best possible conditions to balance your priorities.


Balance agility and security


What can iCore do for you?

We are a strategic partner in integration with over 20 years of experience from over 3000 integration projects and know what works best. Both now and over time!

  • We help you analyze and streamline business processes. We always work from a process perspective, which means that we decouple your systems from each other. This results in excellent TCO!
  • We use efficient models and methodologies based on experience from a large number of customers in different industries.
  • We have ready-made accelerators and integration modules that can be easily configured for your needs. This means we can put your solutions into production quickly.
  • Our goal - fast, efficient deliveries in line with your business goals.


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