Keep your solutions updated

An IT environment is constantly changing. When an integration project is completed, you often need to hurry on to the next area that requires attention. In many cases, a solution can work flawlessly for years, but it is not uncommon for small "cracks" and issues to occur over time.


Disregarding these issues for too long can have serious consequences. It can mean, for example, that you get locked into IT solutions that do not support the business in the best way, or in the worst case, technical problems that can directly impact production and service delivery.

With our standardized change management service, we help you to continuously adapt your solutions so they support your business processes in the best way. The goal is to act proactively instead of reactively, and gradually build away problems instead of piling them up.

Change management can be called on in two ways:

  • On a direct request from a customer or partner (see below).
  • On a recommendation from the iCore Service Center.

Submit a change request

You can submit a change request via our Self-service portal, or via email.

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