Transport & Logistics

“Time is money” is not an empty phrase to companies within the transport and logistics sector. It is the motivation for everything they do. This is exactly what inspires them to reach their goals.
Managers in this industry face a number of difficult tasks. They need to develop cost efficiencies while guaranteeing timely delivery, find ways to anticipate problems and create backup plans for every possible scenario. On top of this, they deal with heightened security concerns, low margins and customers that expect access to minute-by-minute tracking in all parts of the world.
In transport and logistics, the key to running a successful business is access to accurate data 24/7.

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  • Customer stories

    Nobia: ”iCore lets us focus on the business”

    Nobia's desire to be able to focus more on its own business operations led to collaboration with iCore. The result - more resources for business development, and significantly fewer monotonous, repetitive tasks.

  • Customer stories

    Speed reduced the time for on- and offboarding

    Speed group saw a great need to automate the processes related to employee onboarding and offboarding.

  • Customer stories

    Consafe: “E-commerce has made logistics cool”

    As more businesses enter the world of e-commerce, the importance of good logistics and a well-functioning warehouse management system (WMS), has become more apparent.

  • News

    Nortransport expands its B2B/EDI solution

    After the successful implementation with Hasselfors Garden, Nortransport has used the iCore platform to manage B2B/EDI communication with yet another customer. The new solution handles orders and order confirmations as well as pick-up and delivery messages.

  • News

    MTR Nordic invests in a strategic integration partnership

    MTR Nordic has decided to work with iCore to establish an integration strategy and to use iCore Integration Suite as its enterprise integration platform. The company has seen its IT environment grow rapidly over the last couple of years and realized it needed to act proactively.

  • News

    iCore helps the Speed Group transform their IT environment

    Speed Group has decided to use iCore products and services to upgrade and transform their IT environment. iCore will be responsible for managing the transformation on multiple levels as well as implementing iCore Integration Suite (iCIS) as the main integration platform.

  • News

    Haga Mölndal Truck Central, chooses cloud solution from iCore Solutions.

    Haga Mölndal Truck Central, HML, a carrier company based on the west coast of Sweden, have chosen to invest in a new cloud solution to facilitate digital communication with their vehicles.