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Company acquisitions require efficient integration

Hultafors Group is a leading provider of personal protective equipment, tools and accessibility solutions. The company strives for growth, both organically and through acquisitions, which requires that their different systems are efficiently integrated.

- iCore's Integration Suite enabled integration and communication with all parties, both internal and EDI traffic with external parties. A lot of work could be standardized, says Mårten Larsson, IT Integration Manager. 

Hultafors Group grows partly through acquisitions, which places high demands on flexibility and efficient integrations. The company has partnered with iCore for over 10 years.

- The advantages of iCore's integration platform are automation, efficiency and traceability. If a transaction goes wrong, you get notified immediately. All integrations are gathered in one place and iCore is our main partner in terms of integrations and EDI.

A competent platform makes it easier to increase the number of transactions, provides cost efficiencies and reduces manual work. There will be an efficiency gain in one way or another.

Added value is the basis of the integration strategy 

Hultafors Group buys licenses and consulting help from iCore and has an on-premise solution in a hosted environment. The cloud solution was not available when Hultafors started working with iCore.

- Today, we would probably choose the cloud solution and you could say that we are currently in a hybrid mode. We buy some solutions as SaaS and some solutions are on-prem. Cloud solutions are something that we continue to look at and are part of a future strategy.

Mårten emphasizes that the added value of a company acquisition needs to be addressed early in the process, as this forms the basis for how the integration strategy is set up. Hultafors Group is looking for synergies to be able to capitalize on the investment, above all to be able to add extra sales to the existing structure.

Today, Hultafors Group can handle EDI traffic regardless of acquisitions, thanks to iCore's integration platform.

- No matter what systems the acquired company has, we can solve it. It is also easy to disconnect systems from the integration platform. iCore have been very easy to work with and that is why we have had a long-standing collaboration. The longevity of our collaboration is proof of a good working relationship, says Mårten Larsson.