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iCore facilitates SKF's collaborative approach

SKF is a world-leading provider of innovative solutions that help industries become more competitive and sustainable. The company's offering around the rotating shaft includes bearings, seals, lubrication management, condition monitoring, and services. In the early 2010s, SKF sought a streamlined IT-solution for engaging with external customers around the world.  

– We were looking for a simple solution and chose iCore's integration platform, initially used via a joint venture. Later, SKF decided to implement iCore's integration solution internally with Capgemini as the operational partner, says Perrine Langlet, Business Analyst Sales & E-business Global Digital Solutions at SKF.

SKF primarily uses iCore as an "EDI Light" solution (Electronic Data Interchange), where the platform acts as a hub to transport messages between different systems. Incoming orders from customers, coming through channels like SFTP, HTTPS, and Windows Adapter, are converted to SKF's standardized data format. This allows SKF's customers to place purchase orders directly in their own backend systems.

– It facilitates a smooth flow of messages, including from order confirmations and invoices, says Perrine Langlet.

Initially, a software installation was deployed at external customer sites. Capgemini played an important role in this process, handling mapping in iCore. They received files from customers, creating mappings for SKF. 

– The entire system now operates in the cloud, a transition we made last year. This move has significantly improved the overall system, eliminating the need for installations at external customer sites, enhancing stability, and ensuring security, says Perrine Langlet. 

The primary functions used through iCore are order management and data processing. SKF values the integration platform's stability and cost-effectiveness. Integrating new customer systems now only takes one week, a significant improvement compared to traditional EDI solutions that often take several weeks. SKF highlights the platform's rapid integration capabilities and cost-effectiveness as key advantages.

– iCore's integration platform increases the degree of automation, is very quick at mapping, and is easy to use. This has simplified our process, which has become more cost-effective, says Perrine Langlet.