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Kicks’ growth is powered by an efficient supply chain

In little over a year, leading Nordic beauty chain Kicks has replaced its entire ERP and supply system, affecting 250 stores in three countries and over 25 000 products. Now everything is connected using iCore Integration Suite.

– Today we have efficient supply chain management which allows our different systems to communicate with each other. The new architecture is adapted to the needs of our customers and built for the future, says David Heeroma, CDO & CIO at Kicks.

In 2014, Kicks decided to start over with a new ERP and SCM (Supply Chain Management) system. The aim was to create a seamless flow all the way from suppliers down to online customers. They chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and their contacts at Microsoft recommended iCore Integration Suite as integration platform.

– It was important to us to offer our customers the same seamless experience, regardless of whether they visit our stores or shop online. Replacing our ERP and related systems was crucial to keep up with the digitalization of commerce.

The new system, which was implemented in 2018, shares vital business information between Kicks’ stores, suppliers, economy and sales departments. Every day, information about total sales, campaigns, and inventory is updated.

– We also acquired our own warehouse and changed all the electronic communications with our suppliers, around 150 of them.

The new SCM combined with iCore has resulted in a more efficient supply chain. The SCM instantly calculates the inventory needs for each store and forwards the information to the ERP. Every night, new orders are placed at the suppliers’ which are dispatched the next morning.

– The system provides us with information about past sales, campaigns, inventory and much more. Everything is digital and iCore Integration Suite is the hub which connects it all.

The first integrations started rolling out in September 2018 and the work finished in spring of 2019.

– We didn’t expect to keep the tight schedule, but we did. Now we have laid a solid foundation to stay competitive and keep offering our customers a modern and smooth experience, whether it’s in our physical stores or online, says David Heeroma.

About Kicks

KICKS is the Nordics' leading beauty chain and offers a comprehensive concept in makeup, fragrance, skin care and hair care. With well-trained beauty experts in 230 stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland and a modern omnichannel solution, where physical store and e-commerce are integrated, KICKS offers personal and inspiring beauty services from a wide range of brands. Kicks has flagship stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Malmö and is part of the Axel Johnson Group.