Hemtex chooses iCore as their strategic integration partner

The leading Nordic retail chain Hemtex is now implementing cloud-based integration, giving them increased flexibility in a market with high demands for change. When Hemtex went looking for a scalable, modern platform, they chose iCore among several competitors.

– Hemtex was looking for a long-term integration partner who could provide a modern platform and also act as a “speaking partner” towards suppliers of other IT systems, says Tomas Zorjan, Key Account Manager at iCore.

The retail industry is changing rapidly, with new ways of shopping online, digital customer care, and lean and efficient logistics. Demand can spike during holidays – only to be at a low-point the weeks after. Customers require quick deliveries, a great omnichannel experience and simple ways to return products.

A lot of data is flowing between systems – from orders and receipts, product shipments and tracking data to salaries and inventory. In combination with different IT systems and applications, this creates a complex IT environment.

With over 160 stores in the Nordic region, and a modern web shop, Hemtex must be able to quickly adapt to changes to stay ahead of the competition.

- The cloud integration platform provides Hemtex with much sought-after flexibility. Instead of running their own servers and hardware, the integrations are now cloud-based. That means Hemtex can scale up performance during seasonal sales like Black Friday, or other extraordinary periods of growth, and scale down during off-seasons, says Tomas Zorjan.

Hemtex is also a company looking for best-of-breed solutions. They want the best suppliers and up-to-date applications, something that is critical in the retail industry where the competition is fierce. With a modern and flexible platform, it’s easy for them to deploy new systems, and replace old ones.

Hemtex started looking for a new integration partner in 2019. After consultation from several integration experts, the company chose iCore.

– With the current economic instability, it is a good time to look over your IT systems. With iCore’s integration platform, Hemtex will have a competitive edge and increased flexibility. We are looking forward to working with a strong brand in the retail industry, says Tomas Zorjan.