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International game developer Square Enix renews agreement with iCore

For over ten years, iCore's integration platform has managed the connection between Square Enix's international web shop and the Unit4 ERP. Now, iCore has once again been entrusted by Square Enix.

– We first connected because of our experience working with Unit4. To now receive renewed trust after such a long collaboration is a testament to iCore's knowledge and commitment, says Patrik Kärrberg, Regional Manager UK & Benelux at iCore.

Square Enix is an international game developer known for successful franchises like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts. Their games are sold worldwide through various digital distribution platforms, including the company's own web shop.

In 2015, Square Enix was looking for a partner to help connect their web shop with their Unit4 ERP. The company ended up choosing iCore.

– All orders via the web shop go through iCore's integration platform into the ERP. This ensures high operational reliability, direct data transfer, and makes it easy to make adjustments and changes.

One major advantage of iCore's integration platform is that the customer can use the platform themselves.

– Square Enix has two employees trained in iCore Integration Suite, which gives them increased flexibility and allows them to fully utilize the platform.