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Maximize the benefit of Infor M3 through best of breed

The Working Together Conference (WTC) is an annual conference with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experiences for everyone with an interest in the Infor M3 business system. The conference is organized by Movex/M3 User Association. It is an independent and active user association for companies that use the Infor M3 business system and currently has around 200 member companies.

We met Håkan Holm, who is CTO and one of the founders of iCore. Håkan will be on site at the booth at the Working Together Conference and we have asked him what awaits during these inspiring days in Malmö.

Hi Håkan! Why should visitors to the WTC stop by iCore's stand?

For many years, we have worked with customers who have Infor M3 or switched to this business system. This means that we have become specialized in Infor M3 and the possibilities of the solution. We know which information flows and processes are required for the solution to function effectively. We also know which pitfalls to avoid. So our deep knowledge of Infor M3 and integrations with this particular solution is the main reason to stop by our booth.

And as usual, there are also enchanting surprises in iCore's stand. So a visit with us is guaranteed to be magical.

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My best tip right now is: include integration right from the start to make your ERP replacement as painless as possible. If you wait until the end of the project, it will be too late to incorporate the integration mindset.

Håkan Holm, CTO at iCore

What should conference attendees look out for?

Much focus will be on ERP replacement and all that it entails. Regardless of whether you are going to change your Infor M3 on-prem to cloud, update your Infor M3, or change from another system to Infor M3, the exchange involves challenges. I think visitors should keep an extra eye out for that and learn from it.

We have great experience with ERP exchange in particular, and it is something that many at the conference will greatly benefit from. My best tip right now is: think integration right from the start to get as painless an ERP change as possible. It is too late to incorporate the integration mindset at the end of the project!

It has never been easier to make mistakes and get into a so-called "spaghetti mess". You should not look too short-term at the solution, it will mean a spaghetti integration that will not benefit you in the long term.

Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to discussing at the conference?

As I said, it is ERP exchange that I look forward to discussing with all conference participants. There are so many possibilities if this is done right from the start.

Another area I look forward to discussing is "best of breed". We see that the applications are becoming more and more in companies we meet, so I want to discuss challenges and opportunities with this. It is easy to fall into the trap of taking the simple solution instead of thinking precisely "best of breed". It may be a quick solution now, but will mean major limitations later on.

And finally the most important question, where to find iCore at the Working Together Conference?

We will be in stand 14 - Where the magic happens.

So see you there!