"There is no software that beats iCore"

iCore and iGate have collaborated for more satisfied customers since 2009. iGate Consulting was founded in 2008 when they saw a great need in the market. There was a demand from customers to modernize their EDI connections, at a time where there were not many effective tools to succeed. iGate had the expertise to implement such a system, and in order to be able to sell the entire value chain, they started a collaboration with iCore, whose software could solve the market's needs.

We met Henrik Rundcrantz, the founder of iGate, who told us about how the collaboration began.

– We have worked as M3 consultants for many years, so we are the ones who handle, for example, the configuration of communication or format translations for our customers using iCore. We have the knowledge of APIs, how to configure flows, what data is needed in the database and so on, but it is iCore's software that we sell to many of our customers.

When iGate was founded 15 years ago, it was quickly realized that the customers' needs began with acquiring the right integration platform for their company. So in order to help its customers through the entire process and contribute with a modern software solution, iGate decided to start a collaboration with iCore.

– Our customers requested a stand-alone software, a loosely coupled platform that was modern, simple and flexible. And we quickly saw that iCore met all the requirements. They have a solution that offers more possibilities, much better communication and more functionalities around, for example, changing formats. Although some competitors are approaching in technological capabilities, I believe that there is still no software that beats iCore.

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Many people get excited when they realize how much time has suddenly been freed up

Henrik Rundcrantz, iGate Consulting

Replacing integration systems is often time-consuming, and it requires expertise to get it right from the start. With a single, central integration platform, companies can more easily implement and adjust important systems and thus save costs.

– It is very satisfying to see how our customers develop after introducing an integration solution. Many people get excited when they realize how much time has suddenly been freed up. Compared to before, they can suddenly use that time to perform more intelligent tasks, follow statistics, provide customer service and develop the work forward.