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Enable data sharing with Infor M3!

The iCore Accelerator for INFOR M3 lets you seamlessly share data between your CRM, PIM, WMS and business partners in a single, standardized solution at a fixed monthly price and implementation cost.


The iCore INFOR M3 accelerator is configured to automate the exchange of data such as:

  • Orders and order confirmations
  • Article information
  • Price information
  • Invoices
  • Payments

All iCore Accelerators contain built-in functionality for data transformation, process automation and monitoring.


  • Process automation and optimization – Always on – 100% automated solution – no manual work in the core processes. Total Cost of Ownership decreases with more than 25%.

  • Visibility and control – Gain a full overview of your processes, increase business intelligence and predict issues before they occur.

  • No more data silos – Standardize the sharing of critical information across company silos. Easily add or remove applications and business partners. Become more flexible and create the foundation for continuous change. 

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