Tomorrow's winners take care of their data

From commodity to necessity. iCore wants to help companies around the world take control of their data and make informed business decisions in the blink of an eye.

– Companies that work professionally with their data are the biggest winners. Business integration solutions has an even more important role to play in the future, says Mikael Boquist, CEO of iCore Solutions.

Today iCore Solutions is a major player on the Nordic system integrations market. With installations in more than 30 countries and an office in London, the company is now ready to take its integration platform and delivery model to an international market.

– Sweden is at the forefront of IT and has a good reputation. Despite iCore being relatively small, we see great opportunities to take market shares internationally.

Founded in 2001, iCore employs more than 50 integration designers, developers and project managers. The business model is built on strong, long-term customer relationships.

– We commit to deliver a solution that will work over time, even if the customer decides to update or even replace the integrated systems. Some of our clients have been running the same integration flows for up to 17 years!

The increasing need for companies to use real-time data to make business decisions is an advantage for iCore. In other words – system integration is becoming more and more important for companies to stay relevant and competitive.

– Tomorrow's winners are the companies that treat their data with the respect it deserves. This means both having control of it, but also being able to use it in new ways that benefit the organization. Business managers can extract the data and quickly make informed decisions if they combine the right technology and processes.

For iCore, the idea of becoming an international player has been there from the start and they will not stop with the new office in London. Mikael has his eyes set on the rest of Europe and Asia, the goal is to establish several international offices in the next couple of years.

– We use our competence to help companies survive global competition. Businesses need a new way to think about their data and platforms, everything needs to work together, says Mikael Boquist.

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