Industry companies need to swiftly respond to new trends and market demands, while dealing with increasingly complex distribution methods and networks. Digitalization of the production chain opens up new possibilities to rationalize processes and increase data quality. Customers are more demanding – they want rapid service and the ability to decide when and where they make a purchase.

Meeting these demands require complete control of your data. Do you have the skills and ability to turn your data into profit?

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  • Customer stories

    Streamlined processes for Elis Laundry & Textile Service

    A large organization like Elis has many orders and a lot of customer contact, which puts pressure on their internal processes. Efficient processes are required for seamless order handling and for creating the optimal customer experience.

  • Customer stories

    iCore's integration platform provides Porcher Industries with efficient order processes

    In order to remain competitive in a fast-paced market, Porcher needs to be able to optimize their order flows and minimize manual administration. Automated processes save both time and resources while guaranteeing accurate results, every time.

  • Customer stories

    Nobia: ”iCore lets us focus on the business”

    Nobia's desire to be able to focus more on its own business operations led to collaboration with iCore. The result - more resources for business development, and significantly fewer monotonous, repetitive tasks.

  • Customer stories

    BabyBjörn: "We only buy from the best"

    "Our integration projects are far from simple and require unique solutions for each situation. But we still haven't faced a challenge that iCore hasn't been able to solve, says Krister Lann, CIO at BabyBjörn."

  • News

    Toolus is moving into iCore Flexible Cloud

    Tool manufacturer Toolus is implementing a new e-commerce platform and is also taking the opportunity to make a smart investment in cloud integration!

  • News

    iCore builds EDI solution for world-leading materials manufacturer

    Together with our partner iGate Consulting GmbH, iCore has signed an agreement with Porcher Industries to use iCore Integration Suite to manage the company's EDI communication.

  • Partner stories

    Integration tools improve speed and quality of delivery

    Working with companies in manufacturing and distribution, the integration consultants at Iver have a need for integration tools to optimize the information flow from order to invoice.

  • Customer stories

    Bergman & Beving: “We’ve replaced five platforms with one”

    Holding company Bergman & Beving not only faces the challenges of integrating their own applications, but also those of other acquired companies.

  • Events

    Industry 4.0 and IoT at the Movex/M3 User group Meetup North

    Meet us at the Movex User Group Meetup North on November 20th, at the Ålö facilities in Brännland outside Umeå for a day of interesting discussions and presentations about Industry 4.0, IoT and more!

  • News

    EDI/B2B integration at Svedbergs

    Svedbergs has implemented iCore Integration Suite as an EDI and integration platform for automated business communication with business partners and as an integration hub for all in-house applications. The project has been managed by iCore integration partner EPAM Systems Nordic.

  • News

    iCore supports the growth strategy at Swegon

    Swegon, a market leading company in ventilation and climate systems, has decided to use iCore Integration Suite as its enterprise integration solution. One of the first activities is to help Swegon establish an integration strategy that fits in with the company's overall business strategy.

  • Technical

    OPC functionality in iCIS helps streamline production flows

    In a recent integration project, iCore customer Santa Maria has been able to use the OPC functionality in iCIS to rationalize their production flow. The solution makes it possible to bypass a number of existing server applications, and provide the ERP with data that is an accurate reflection of the

  • Customer stories

    Improved cash flow at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

    ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a world-leading supplier of industrial doors and logistics systems. The company's service technicians needed a new solution that would enable them to receive work orders when out in the field.

  • News

    iCore Integration Suite at Brunvoll in Norway

    The iCore partner X10D Solutions AB have performed an integration project based on iCore Integration Suite at Norwegian thruster manufacturer Brunvoll.

  • News

    iCore integration at Eberspächer with iStone

    Eberspächer has implemented iCore Integration Suite as EDI and integration platform for automated business communication with business partners. The project has been managed by the iCore partner iStone.

  • News

    Core integration at Gnosjö Konstsmide with iGate Consulting

    Gnosjö Konstsmide have implemented the iCore Integration Suite as EDI and integration platform for automated business communication with business partners. The project have been managed by the iCore integration partner iGate.

  • News

    iCore integration with iGate Consulting at B&B TOOLS

    B&B TOOLS have decided to implement iCore Integration Suite as EDI and integration platform for automated business communication with business partners. The project will be managed by the iCore Partner iGate.

  • Customer stories

    ESAB has all the control they need

    Global enterprises like ESAB constantly wrestle with big integration challenges. iCore has helped ESAB to get control of the flow of transactions passing through the systems every day.

  • News

    iCore integration at Wema System

    Wema System AS have chosen to implement iCore Integration Suite as EDI and integration platform for automated business communication with business partners. The project will be managed by iCore Partners iStone and iGate.

  • News

    ASSA ABLOY – large focus on business integration

    A prerequisite for success in its seamless flow projects, which is really a hot topic within Entrance Systems, is from an IT perspective, and focuses on integration and creating a loosely coupled SOA architecture to support the continuously changing world the division is facing.

  • Customer stories

    Kinnarps saves money with e-business

    Kinnarps orders hundreds of articles from hundreds of suppliers every day. By digitalizing the order and invoice administration towards the five major suppliers, the company saves a lot of time and money.

  • Customer stories

    E-business supports complex product configurations

    Managing a huge amount of complex orders required that Kinnarps created a solution that could be easily integrated with the in-house systems.

  • Customer stories

    Kinnarps takes control of its IT environment

    "Our previous solution was like a car without a steering wheel. We were in the backseat without any possibility to do anything. With iCore, we can do whatever we want – if anything is missing, we just build it ourselves”.

  • News

    Change of ERP leads to new iCIS integration at OEM

    OEM, one of the leading technical trading companies in Europe, started using iCIS a few years ago for integration between e-business platform eNova and the ERP system. A decision to change ERP system has prompted a new integration project, where iCIS is being used to facilitate the change.