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Industry companies need to swiftly respond to new trends and market demands, while dealing with increasingly complex distribution methods and networks. Digitalization of the production chain opens up new possibilities to rationalize processes and increase data quality. Customers are more demanding – they want rapid service and the ability to decide when and where they make a purchase.

Meeting these demands require complete control of your data. Do you have the skills and ability to turn your data into profit?

Explore our Customer Stories

  • Bergman & Beving: “We’ve replaced five platforms with one”

    Holding company Bergman & Beving not only faces the challenges of integrating their own applications, but also those of other acquired companies.

  • Improved cash flow at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

    ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a world-leading supplier of industrial doors and logistics systems. The company's service technicians needed a new solution that would enable them to receive work orders when out in the field.

  • ESAB has all the control they need

    Global enterprises like ESAB constantly wrestle with big integration challenges. iCore has helped ESAB to get control of the flow of transactions passing through the systems every day.

  • Kinnarps saves money with e-business

    Kinnarps orders hundreds of articles from hundreds of suppliers every day. By digitalizing the order and invoice administration towards the five major suppliers, the company saves a lot of time and money.

  • E-business supports complex product configurations

    Managing a huge amount of complex orders required that Kinnarps created a solution that could be easily integrated with the in-house systems.

  • Kinnarps takes control of its IT environment

    "Our previous solution was like a car without a steering wheel. We were in the backseat without any possibility to do anything. With iCore, we can do whatever we want – if anything is missing, we just build it ourselves”.

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