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Integration tools improve speed and quality of delivery

Working with companies in manufacturing and distribution, the integration consultants at Iver have a great need for integration tools to optimize the information flow from order to invoice.

– Integration tends to come up late in IT projects but it’s still very important for the end-result. Having access to integration packages and modules means we don’t have to start from zero when project timelines and budgets are tight, says Nicklas Andersson, integration architect at Iver.

Navcite, works mainly with B2B customers with similar systems and process setups – companies that place orders with large stocks, buys items used for manufacturing and often have complex price structures. To avoid costly deviations in order and invoice flows, the information flow must be fully automated. Nicklas Andersson is a long-time iCore user and he appreciates working with a vendor that provides a communication standard that is widely accepted by manufacturing and distribution companies:

– We know that iCore’s standard will work, for example, with distribution to and from the public sector, says Nicklas Andersson.

Standards and ready-made integration packages make it possible for Iver to focus on services that add true value to the end-customer, like fine tuning process improvements or dealing with errors and misplaced orders. Since integration is part of every IT project these days, finding customers is not the biggest issue for the integration consultants at Iver – it’s about being able to staff every project and getting projects done.

– All customers are not in control of how they have configured their IT systems which makes integration a challenge. But with the right tools, we can remap the customer’s configuration.

For Nicklas Andersson, and his team at Iver, the success factor is about understanding the customers’ needs and being curious and solution-oriented. He claims there is never a complete list of what needs to be done in an integration project.

– The end result will be so much better if we can gain a deep understanding of what the customer wants, and at the same time get an idea of the big picture and what needs to be done. That’s really the core of integration, says Nicklas Andersson.