We are better together!

We believe that strong, long-term partnerships is the key to create customer value, overcome challenges and discover new business opportunities.


We are always open to new partnerships that will bring benefits and added know-how to all involved parties. Let's work together to deliver outstanding customer solutions through a combined effort of sales and marketing activities!

Transparency and sharing is the way to success

A successful partnership requires transparency and a mutual sharing of knowledge, leads and market insights. If the statements below describe your company and your current situation, contact us!

  • You are a consulting company or an application developer with an open attitude towards both partners and customers.
  • You believe that integration is important for your business and your customer solutions.
  • You want learn more about integration, and have a need to make changes in how you approach integration challenges.


"I believe that in the past, technology was the limiting factor. But that is not the case today, now you can focus on the business and develop processes that support your goals."

- Niklas Andersson, Integration Architect at Ismotec.

For consulting companies

A partnership with iCore gives you access to our low-code development platform and extensive integration know-how. You will be able to create scalable and sustainable customer solutions that are easy to monitor and maintain.

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For application developers

Partnering with an integration specialist strengthens your role in your customer’s ever-changing application ecosystem, and helps you quickly adapt to new service models (for example on-premise vs. cloud).

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