A streamlined purchasing process at Atea

Atea is the leading independent supplier of IT infrastructure in Sweden. The company has 1 100 employees at roughly 25 sites all over the country and a turnover of 6 300 MSEK. Every month, 90 000 product/service order lines and the corresponding number of invoices are administered.

During the last few years, Atea has grown explosively. The previous integration solution turned out to be insufficient for this new and more complex organisation. The Management and, above all, the customers, demanded a quick and simple solution for the administration of the whole purchasing process, from order to invoice. The CIO at Atea, Zlatco Ninic, was assigned to solve the problem. After a thorough selection procedure, Atea opted for the integration platform iCore Process Server.

– You could say that a succesful IT solution is just like a happy marriage – it is developing, safe/- secure and a long-term investment. But it also takes time to establish a solid relationship; you have to get to know each other, says Zlatko Ninic.

Nowadays, the iCore tools are used in-house by Atea, its distributors and an increasing number of its customers. It means that customers and suppliers may ”speak” directly with Atea, despite the fact that its business systems actually speak another language. This has helped Atea streamline its work while simultaneously improving the customer service.

Positive surprises

Jessica Gidlund, responsible for IT integration at Atea, likes to surprise customers by solving their integration problems more quick and smooth than ever expected. The more insolvable the problems sees to the customer, the more stimulating it is to solve them.

Recently a customer had a problem with the order numbers, which were missing on invoices when employees called in an order by phone. Matching the invoice caused time-wasting manual administration. 

- Thanks to iCore, we could solve the problem in five minutes. The customer saved so much time that he could go on his planned five-week vacation, says Jessica Gidlund.

No interruptions

Today, iCore is built into the IT architecture at Atea, and integrating a new customer solution is a fast and agile process. Usually the solution does not require much maintenance either. Once installed, it runs without interruption. Every day, Atea receives hundreds of orders administered by iCore, and it is very rare that something goes wrong.

– The best thing about iCore is the flexibility. It is so simple to develop that the only limit is your own imagination. I see loads of possibilities to use the iCore solution at the customers´as well as in-house at Atea, says Zlatko Ninic.

Atea, Zlatko Ninic and Jessica Gidlund continue to develop with iCore and the idea is to integrate all Atea’s distributors and customers with iCore. It will save time and money, both for Atea and its customers.

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