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IT & Telecom

IT and telecom companies operate in market segments with brutal competition and decreasing margins. They need to be able to work with a large number of platforms and software solutions. Customers expect access to all kinds of information, through apps, web shops and portals. All this requires a solid data transport infrastructure and excellent data availability.

Do you have what it takes – and can you move fast enough – to stay competitive? Are you getting the most out of your data, and have you figured out how to turn it into profit?

Explore our Customer Stories

  • E-business grows at Atea

    A strong sales argument for Atea is that all order and invoice administration can be performed electronically and automatically. This greatly benefits both Atea and its customers.

  • Streamlined purchasing at Atea

    Atea was going through an expansive growth phase, and the previous integration solution turned out to be insufficient for this new and more complex organisation. The Management and, above all, the customers, demanded a quick and simple solution for the administration of the whole purchasing process.

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