Integrated systems – and much more!

Our specialty is integration, but we do so much more. We create the conditions for a long-term and sustainable IT and business strategy, and open up opportunities for digitalization, innovation and process automation.

Integrated systems is the key to all this!


Get your digital house in order

Are you suffering from digital chaos? It can mean many different things, but when we talk about digital chaos, we mean the situation that occurs in an organization when:

  • Many systems are interconnected in an unstructured way ("digital spaghetti")
  • The division of responsibilities is unclear.
  • IT and Business are not keeping an even pace.

Fortunately, we are here to help!


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Long-term strategy and overall control

Have you created an IT environment where the technical debt and complexity increases exponentially? Are you trying to solve all problems on your own, as soon as possible, with technology you master but which is not adapted to the purpose?

The result will be some cost savings in the short term, but you are paving the way for bigger problems and costs in the future!


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Twenty years of system integration!

For more than twenty years, we have built integrations with all kinds of systems, working with companies in almost all sectors and industries.

With integrated systems, you can ensure that your data is always up to date, and is available where it is needed.


How to succeed with integration


Are you talking past each other at the management meeting?


Issues related to IT and integration have gone from just involving the CIO and the IT department to becoming a matter for everyone. In an executive team, everyone has their different perspectives and areas of responsibility, and it is not always easy to find common goals and prioritize correctly.


  • As CEO / COO, you need to be able to work proactively, strategically, and long-term.

    You need to keep track of the most important business processes, and create the conditions for efficiency and automation.


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  • Do you know that integration accounts for up to 50% of the cost of IT projects, and that there is a lot of money to be saved with the right integration solution and architecture?

    Do you really want to pay for "the same" integrations every time someone in the company replaces a system?


    Work smarter


  • As a CMO or CSO, you depend on agile IT and effective system support for marketing and sales.

    The market is moving faster than ever, the number of sales channels are growing and with subscription-based sales models, it is becoming increasingly important to offer an outstanding customer experience that lasts over time.


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  • As CPO / Purchasing Manager, you and your team need to ensure that the company always has the right resources and materials in place. It is a challenging job, but manageable if you have the right conditions and IT support.


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  • According to analysts, the share of the IT budget used to "keep the light on" will continue to decline in the future. It is also clear that more and more applications are moving to the cloud.

    These trends open up a lot of innovation and flexibility in IT, and require a vigilant CIO who understands business development and can communicate with all stakeholders in the organization.


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