Business integration solutions – the key to digital innovation!

With integrated systems, you can maintain a well-organized IT structure and create opportunities for digitization, innovation, robotization, automated processes and much more.

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The results that count

Lower your costs for IT projects and integration, and make room for innovation and customer value.


Shorter time-to-market

With our accelerators and powerful cloud-based platform (iPaaS), you can shorten the time for business and process changes by up to 50%.

Increased productivity

With efficient, automated business processes, you can become more than 20% more productive.

Reduced costs

Our data shows that our customers have been able to reduce integration-related costs by up to 80% over time.


We are integration experts

We provide the tools, expertise and services that you will need on your digital transformation journey.

  • A versatile toolbox

    Our low-code integration platform lets you integrate data and applications across any on-premises or multicloud environment.

  • Get help from the best

    Whether you need help mapping up your business processes, establishing an integration strategy or carrying out integration projects, our experts are ready to assist you every step of the way.

  • Subscribe or license

    Run your integration solutions on your own servers or subscribe to one of our cloud services. Switch whenever you want!

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Learn how companies in all industries use our business integration solutions to become more agile and profitable.