Hannes strengthens iCore's consulting team

Varying tasks and a close-knit team are something Hannes Holmberg values highly in his new role as a consultant in the Operations department at iCore. Here, together with his colleagues, he will make the customers' integrations work flawlessly and become even better.

Welcome to iCore Hannes! Tell us what you're going to do here.

- My tasks consist of developing and setting up new integrations between systems. It actually means that you make sure that the communication between several systems works automatically in real time. My daily tasks are everything from analyzing, developing and testing system integrations for our customers. I therefore build the bridge between different systems, for example so that the warehouse can directly notify the webshop if an item is available for purchase.

What is your background?

- I have a three-year education as a systems scientist in Växjö, after that I entered the IT industry as an integration consultant at another company. There we actually used iCore's platform, which piqued my interest in the company.

How has your first time at iCore been?

- I started in August 2021 and quickly got into the team, everyone is nice and helpful. We are eleven people in my team with different roles and responsibilities as integration architect and product tester. In just four months, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in both new ways of working and how to best build efficient and quality-assured integrations, the tasks are varied and fun. I'm having a great time.

Do you work from home or in the office?

- Sometimes I am in the office in Gothenburg, but since I live in Småland, there is a lot of homework. It works well! iCore are very flexible and it's nice to have time to exercise and have more time for leisure interests when you have less travel time to and from the office. But I am of course looking forward to meeting the colleagues in the office a little more often in the future.