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Louise secures long-term goals for iCore's product development

With many years of experience in integration and project management, Louise Wemme is cut and ready for her new role as product owner in iCore's development department. Here she benefits from her strategic abilities and contributes creative solutions that benefit iCore's customers.

Hi Louise, what attracted you to iCore?

- Mainly it was the role of product owner and working closely with integrations again that attracted me. Working together with a competent team and contributing to developing new systems is a fun bonus.

What kind of experience do you have in the past?

- I have worked in various roles as project manager and Business Analyst, among other things. Working with integrations is not something that is foreign to me, therefore I feel that the role at iCore suits me very well. Over the years, I have accumulated a wide range of different skills that I feel I have great use for.

You started at iCore in February, how has your first time been?

- It has been great! It is fun to work together with so many talented and kind people. I have known the person I report to, Petra Lafqvist, for a long time, so she has really been a pillar of support and helped me get into work quickly. Everyone at iCore is helpful and so knowledgeable in their specific areas. I think collaborating and trusting each other's expertise is key to success.

You are currently developing a new exciting product for the portal, can you tell us a little about that work?

- In simple terms, you can say that it is a visualization tool of the integration map, a complement to the portal that we call AIM. It is a new focus area that we are developing in parallel with the team that works with the portal.

- The days always start with us doing a "stand-up" where we update each other on what has been done and what we are going to do in the future. Then it can be anything from technical meetings or information transfer. It may also be that we go through customer benefits and different areas of use that need to be evaluated. The work is varied, but above all it is very motivating to see the results of the work we put in.

What are your main qualities that you want to contribute to iCore?

I am a positive and communicative person who likes to work in groups. I am also strategic, which means that I try to form an idea of how the daily work ultimately contributes to achieving long-term goals.