"I run into new exciting challenges every day"

Gustav left a career in the restaurant industry and switched to programming. For a year now, he has been working on developing the core of iCore's integration platform.

Hi Gustav, what do you do at iCore?

- I have been a developer at iCore for a year now and am part of the Atlas team. We are a group that works with the platform itself, the engine for the integrations. My work is product-focused, but if you broaden the perspective of what iCore does, we also have a service-driven business with consultants.

How has your first year at iCore been?

- It has been incredible, what a journey! iCore is a company that regards change as an opportunity for growth and development. iCore does not stand still. In terms of knowledge, I have developed more than I could have imagined. I come across new exciting things every working day. Both for myself and for the company. Shortly after I started, the entire company went on a conference trip to Spain. It was a great start and a good opportunity to get to know the colleagues even better.

What previous experience do you have?

- I have studied systems development at University West and finished the spring semester 2022. My first job was as a consultant, but I felt that the consulting role was not really my thing, at least not so early in my career. That's why I started looking a little more at companies that worked with their own products.

How did you come to apply to iCore?

- iCore appeared in the LinkedIn feed and I thought the service sounded exciting. The interview felt great and I also strongly believe in iCore's product. It is the long-term approach that appeals to me. When you go in and look at the code back in time, which a colleague previously wrote, you see that that person really thought about it.

What does a typical working day look like?

- I am an early riser and start early, around seven o'clock. Then we have a meeting time, stand-up meetings at 9.00 every day. There, everyone highlights what challenges they encountered or other things that need to be discussed. After that, I sit and program all day. We mainly work in C#. is our infrastructure.

What is important for you to enjoy a workplace?

- That the work is challenging. I need somewhere where I can be stimulated and a company where it is welcome to work freely and create new things. iCore is a nice workplace. On the first day at work, you are usually walked around and introduced, often with a manager. When I would do such a round at iCore, everyone had already passed by and cheered. It is a very clear example of what iCore is like, and gives a good picture of the culture. People are genuinely interested, kind and nice.

What is the most fun at work?

- What I do. I love programming and solving problems, and it has been a dream for me to be able to practice it in everyday life. But programming can also involve some frustration. The best thing is when you have come up with a solution, and that it is allowed to take its time. There is no stress here at iCore. I get space to solve problems myself in the best way. In the team, we are starting to approach the end of a long, solid work with modernization and modularization of the integration platform. A fun job that gives us a strong position in a constantly and rapidly developing technical landscape.

Five quick ones with Gustav

What is your most common lunch box?

Never lunch box.

Ski or sun vacation?


How many cups of coffee do you average in a working day?


Which TV series have you rewatched several times?

Battlestar Galactica.

Do you have a hidden talent that your colleagues don't know about?

I'm good at cooking.