Patrik Kärrberg Sales UK

The UK has long been an important market for iCore, with customers such as British Royal Mint and Farrow & Ball. We have recently appointed Patrik Kärrberg as our new UK sales representative. With his base in London, he will be responsible for expanding the UK market.

Welcome to iCore, Patrik! Why is iCore investing in the UK?

- Generally speaking, the UK is an important trading partner for Sweden. Our common trading history goes back a long way, all the way to the vikings! Here we have large, legendary international companies, that often use the same ERP systems as we have in Sweden, but also many well-established Swedish companies. In the tech sector, for example, many companies use the UK as a "test bed" before expanding into the US. 

- The UK is a large and interesting market for iCore, where we already have several customers and partners. The idea was that I would start just over a year ago, but then the pandemic came. Now we are investing properly and have an aggressive plan going forward.

- I see a great demand for our type of solutions. iCore is strong in E-commerce, which is a mature, developed industry in the UK. After Brexit, many companies have new challenges when it comes to connecting systems that have to do with transport, customs and other paper handling.

The timing is good, many companies have been shaken up in the last two years in connection with the pandemic. The UK and Swedish markets have a lot in common, with a strongly developed e-commerce industry, many trade collaborations and a similar IT ecosystem. I look forward to finding a sweet spot for iCore's product, especially the cloud platform, says Patrik Kärrberg, new sales rep in London.

How did you get in touch with iCore?

- I got to know iCore in London a couple of years ago and immediately thought it was a very exciting company with people who were both outgoing and professional. I started my job here at the end of September and I feel very good about it. The atmosphere is great, with a clear focus on results, and the work is structured. The fact that iCore has three founders, who still remain at the helm of the company is really noticeable, everything the company does is permeated by a long-term perspective.

What is your background?

- I have worked with both technology and sales, and have lived in London since 2006. During this time, I have also graduated as a PhD in Information Systems.

What do you hope to bring to the company?

- I want to become a bridge between the British and Swedish business cultures and the various IT traditions that exist. My experience in both software platforms and the manufacturing industry will be my ice breaker. I like getting to know new people and have an interest in British culture and history, it helps me better understand what customers are looking for.

- The e-commerce trend is strong all over the world, much so even in the UK, and I look forward to establishing iCore as a natural choice for many companies and building trust in the market.