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Linda is the client that became a colleague

Being part of the team instead of just "one in the crowd" attracted Linda Renbäck to iCore and the role of integration consultant. With a customer perspective and a broad background in IT, Linda is a creative problem solver.

Hi Linda, how has your first six months at iCore been?
– Great! I most recently came from a client of iCore where I got a positive impression of the company, so it felt like coming home when I started here. Since I was used to working with iCore's products and had already met some of the colleagues, it was a smooth transition. I quickly got into the work tasks and really enjoy my role as an integration consultant.

What is important for you to enjoy your work?
– Freedom, creativity, and a sense of community are important, which I get at iCore. There is plenty of room for creative problem-solving, and there are always several solutions to a problem. The fact that iCore is a smaller company was a big reason why I chose to work here. Here, you are part of the team instead of one in the crowd, and I feel that everyone listens to each other more than at larger companies.

What do you contribute to iCore?
– A broad background in IT, which can have both advantages and disadvantages. I have tried different roles, such as web and integration developer, which gives different perspectives on problems and challenges in work, not least the customer perspective. Socially, I am a happy and simple person who likes to travel, exercise, and spend time with my family. I want to spread positive energy and do a good job.