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Meet Malin – an iCore veteran that has been with the company from the start

Malin Friberg is a familiar face to everyone who has ever worked at iCore. She has been with the company since it was founded in 2001. With various positions within the company, Malin has experience and a track record that is very valuable in her current role as head of iCore's Service Center.

Hi Malin, can you tell us about your role at iCore?

- As manager for the Service Center, I support employees who work with support issues and other service-related tasks. I make sure that our processes work and our day-to-day operation works optimally. At the service center we have a lot of contact with other departments, which means that I move a lot between different teams and get a good overall view of the work of the other departments.

In what way do you think iCore as a company has developed over the years?

- In a very healthy way. We have grown organically over the years and our services and products have been continuously developed and improved. iCore is a very stable workplace where we care a lot about our customers and employees. It is a corporate culture that has become more and more defined during our journey.

What has kept you at iCore for so long?

- There are several reasons. I like the management's way of thinking, that they dare to try new things and keep up to date with new technology. They are also very keen that the employees should feel comfortable in the workplace.

- Another advantage of iCore is that there are many career paths within the company. For example, I have previously worked in the development department with test and release management and then transferred to our operational department as a team coach and delivery manager. Allowing their employees to develop, I believe, has been the key to iCore managing to retain competent personnel over the years.

How do you want your customers to perceive iCore?

- I want our customers to feel trust. That we keep what we promise and that our customers can sleep well at night. I have always seen our overall responsibility as one of iCore's main strengths. From starting a collaboration and delivering a stable product, to carefully following up with customers and reviewing our processes. In the future, we strive to continue to be a reliable and secure partner.