We welcome our new Business Controller!

iCore's newly recruited Business Controller, Henrik Molin, will work with business development and profitability. Among other things, Henrik will develop new KPIs and demonstrate the added value of smart integration, as well as be involved in shaping the company's future business model.

Hi Henrik, welcome to iCore. Tell us about your role here.

- I will produce more KPIs on the added value customers receive, that is, what they earn from using iCore's integration platform. Then it's about packaging and communicating it in an easy-to-understand way. I will also review how we work internally and find new ways of working in terms of follow-up with the goal of growing, as well as how iCore can shape a future business model.

How did you get started at iCore?

- I already did that a year ago, then as a trainee via my master's program at the School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg. The training had a clear focus on SME companies undergoing a growth journey and for me iCore was a perfect match. In June 2021, I graduated and started directly at iCore.

What do you hope to bring to the company?

- A lot of energy for the workplace and becoming part of the gang. iCore works in an exciting industry, right in the center of digitization and I hope to help incorporate the company's high growth ambitions. I really enjoyed myself here throughout the trainee period and look forward to contributing my insights and perspectives.

The role of Business Controller is new at iCore. CEO Mikael Boquist about the recruitment:

- With iCore's offer, we can help customers strengthen their competitiveness and work more efficiently. Henrik will analyze various data, both our own as well as consumption and customer data, so that we as a company can develop together with our customers and in every part show the customers the value of our efforts.