Simon is back where it all started!

One of iCore's latest additions is the returnee Simon Fors, who is back at iCore after two years. In his new role as product owner, he wants to contribute with a wide range of skills and build good relationships with customers.

Hi Simon, how does it feel to be back at iCore?

I feel good about it! There are slightly different systems and routines than before, but apart from that it feels like a lot is the same. There are many familiar faces, which is of course fun when you have been away for a period.

Can you tell us a bit about your previous background at iCore?

I started at iCore after my studies and slipped into support. Not long after that, I became a consultant at the company and stayed for nearly five years. Much of what I have learned over the years has been shaped by iCore, so being back again feels very natural.

How come you chose to come back?

A big reason behind the decision has been the colleagues. Several of those who work at iCore are people with whom I have close contact and spend time with privately. In addition, it was the role of product owner and getting to work with packaging that attracted. Now I work about half the time as a product owner, and the other half as a consultant.

You have now worked for six months in your new role, are you getting adjusted?

It feels like I have gathered a little more experience and skills that can be useful for the business. On the one hand, I got to see some other integration platforms that give me a greater understanding of our product, and on the other I learned a lot about automatic testing, which I greatly benefit from in my work. It feels like I got into the job quickly, which largely has to do with the fact that I am familiar with the system and work routines.