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"I want to make a difference for the customers"

Peter Nilsson joined iCore with a vision of making a real difference. With his solid experience in the IT industry and a keen eye for customer needs, Peter is eager to take iCore's products into the future.

Hi Peter, how has your first time at iCore been?

– I have been here since September and really enjoy it. I have a background in the IT industry, both from larger companies and smaller consulting firms. In recent years, I have focused on e-commerce projects, with roles as project manager and client manager. Now, I have transitioned to the product side, which means leaving consulting work for product development. It's an exciting change that gives me the opportunity to create long-term solutions that make a difference for iCore's customers.

Why did you choose iCore?

– I have had my eyes on iCore for a while because they are leaders in e-commerce integrations. System integration is a very hot topic for many companies right now – it takes an incredible amount of energy and time for companies if they don't have an efficient integration platform. I was contacted via a former colleague, who is now a product owner for iCore AIM and whom I previously worked with at Hewlett-Packard. It felt like a natural transition to move to iCore, and it's fun to work together again.

What does a workday look like for you?

– At iCore, we follow an agile work process. This means, among other things, that the development teams have daily meetings to keep track of project progress. I am the product owner for two of our products, iCore Integration Suite and iCore Cloud Services. It's my responsibility to ensure everything is on track and that the development teams have what they need to deliver to the customer. I maintain contact with our customers, consultants, and other stakeholders, to shape future product development and to prioritize what we should focus on in our roadmap. It's a varied and challenging role that I really enjoy.

We are a team of three product owners who share responsibility for all our products. We have close cooperation to coordinate and identify touchpoints between our products. For example, if iCore plans to build a new feature in the AIM product, we as product owners must ensure there is support for this in the other products.

What makes you enjoy your job?

– For me, it's important with a familial feeling at the workplace, where I feel close to the decisions and have the opportunity to influence. I also appreciate a positive corporate culture where everyone strives to develop and deliver value for the customers. iCore is a flexible employer, and there is the possibility to work from home when needed. I like when there is positivity in the company and where people want to work forward and develop. Both what is delivered product-wise and what provides business value for the customers.

How do you see iCore's future development?

– iCore is moving towards a stronger product focus and is investing more resources in developing new products that our customers demand. It's an exciting time to be here, and I look forward to being part of the continued growth and success of the company.