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Stefan sees the customer dialogue as the most important work task

A new addition is the support specialist Stefan Andreasson who started at iCore in mid-August earlier this year. Together with his employees, he makes sure to give customers the help they need, everything from complicated system solutions to simpler customer questions. With his social skills, Stefan fits the role like a glove and looks forward to continuing to build trust among customers.

- Everyone who works here is very technically savvy. It is also important to take care of the social part, that is a strength of mine, says Stefan Andreasson.

How has your first time at iCore been?

- I have received more than I could ask for, I am enjoying myself very much. It is a relaxed environment in the office and all colleagues are very helpful. There are many who are good in their fields and niches, at the same time they are educational and share their knowledge.

What previous experience do you have?

- I have studied systems science for three years at the University of Gothenburg. We were taught a mix of IT and business operations that I benefit from in my work. Some at the training said that it is only when you work that you actually learn how things work. Of course, I have learned a lot of new things, but I feel that I have a good foundation to stand on.

How did you come to apply to iCore?

- On the same day that I was to sign an agreement with another company, I was contacted by iCore. There was something about that conversation that made me feel good. It felt right. When I then got a little more insight into the business, the choice was quite obvious. Now in retrospect, I'm extremely happy that it was iCore.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

- I always start with morning checks to get an overview of our customers. Then we have a meeting where we discuss and plan what needs to be done during the day. We then deal with customer matters. It's a workflow that I enjoy and the tasks vary a lot.

What is important for you to enjoy a workplace?

- That there is a community and mutual trust, where everyone gets the opportunity to raise questions and express their opinions. It's something I know iCore values highly and works very well here. I also want to take the opportunity to highlight my managers who have been committed and have helped me a lot now in the beginning.