Systems Scientist Anton is the customers' new problem solver!

Acting as a problem solver and constantly seeking new solutions like a detective is what Anton Oddstig is most looking forward to at iCore.

Hi Anton! Tell us about your previous experiences and education.
– I studied systems science at the University of Gothenburg and finished in the spring of 2023. Choosing systems science was a happy coincidence. I pondered a lot about what I wanted to study, and it was a friend who suggested the program, and it sounded interesting. At an IT fair, I came in contact with iCore and became immediately interested. I've been working here for a month now and am enjoying it very much.

How has your initial time been?
– I received a warm welcome and good onboarding. There's a lot of knowledge to absorb initially, but I'm learning a lot from the team I work closely with.

What are you most looking forward to at iCore?
– What attracts me the most is solving various types of problems with different characteristics, where we collectively find different solutions – detective work, in essence. I'm also looking forward to gaining new knowledge and growing. At iCore, I get an overview of how customers are assisted with a smoother IT day-to-day and can learn a lot about many different things. It feels exciting!

What personal qualities will you bring to the office?
– Hopefully creativity and innovative thinking. Since I haven't worked with anything similar before, I believe an outside perspective can be beneficial.

What's important for you to enjoy a workplace?
– Good colleagues, which I've found here. Then, it's essential to feel that I can continue to grow. Repetitive tasks don't appeal to me, and here there's always something new.