"Integration är inte bara för IT-avdelningen!"

Henrik Ljungdahl, former CIO at Jula, joins iCore in a new position as Business Development Manager. Henrik will help iCore’s clients develop their business and use integration to work smarter and become more efficient.

“In an increasingly data-driven world, integration is critical for all companies. iCore is a great company and I’ve enjoyed working with them as a customer for many years. I am excited for what is to come,” says Henrik.

Hi there Henrik, why did you decide to join iCore?

“I wanted a new challenge and knew iCore was a great company with a nice atmosphere and a will to 'do good'. We’ve worked together for about eight years during my time as CIO at Jula, and always had a great dialogue, where I felt listened to as a customer and we got the result we wanted. I specialize in digital strategic business development, and when I asked iCore about a possible cooperation we both felt that this was a good match.”

What will you be doing at iCore?

“I want to show companies that integration isn’t just for the IT-department but is critical for the business as a whole. By creating an efficient ecosystem, businesses can become more digital, more efficient and save money. In short, I will help iCore’s clients with business development and use innovative integration technology to work smarter.”

What is your previous experience?

“I’ve been freelancing as a business development consultant for a year now. Before that I was CIO at Jula for about eight years. I have also been working as a management consultant and helped Bredbandsbolaget bring broadband to Sweden in the late 1990s.”

What key experiences from Jula will you bring to iCore’s clients?

“I will try to communicate how important it is to do things correctly at an early stage, and how small investments in the backend can result in substantial cost and efficiency savings.”

What are you looking forward to the most?

“Meeting new people, both my new colleagues at iCore and our clients. Trust and openness are something I value greatly in a workplace – I am very excited!”