Henrik brings creativity and problem-solving skills to iCore's customers

The opportunity to work in a multi-faceted role along with a interest in integration solutions made Henrik Lenberg want to become part of iCore. After ten months as a Support Specialist, he has become a valuable asset when it comes to implementing and quality-assuring fast IT solutions for iCore's customers and partners.

Hi Henrik, tell us a little about what you did before joining iCore.

- Previously, I studied System Development - IT and Society at Högskolan Väst in Trollhättan. Shortly after my graduation I was contacted by iCore and got a very good feeling right away. I felt that the role of Support Specialist suited me, it was a broad role and gave me good opportunities to grow within the company.

You have now been at iCore for almost ten months. Are you starting to feel at home now?

- Of course, I become more secure in my role as time goes by, while I still learn new things every day. I was given a great introduction and was able to quickly get into the work routines and the team. My opinion is that iCore Support is a very competent team, we bounce ideas off each other and help each other to solve various problems that come up during the day.

What is important for you to be happy at work?

- The most important thing is clearly the colleagues and the team. Having a culture where we are on the same wavelength and share our knowledge with each other is something I think is very important. At iCore, there is always someone to turn to, which is great security. If a problem comes up, I can go to one of the consultants, or I ask one of the managers.

- On my first day at iCore, one of the first people to welcome me was the CEO Mikael, which was kind of cool. At the same time, it shows that iCore is a company that has a humble and inviting atmosphere, regardless of experience or what position you hold. For me, that is important in a workplace.

What qualities do you bring to iCore?

- I am a positive person who has always had a great interest in technology. My strength is that I like challenges where I get to think outside the box and be creative in coming up with solutions for our customers. You never know what challenges will be ahead of you and this makes the work very varied. So far, iCore has really exceeded my expectations, all the colleagues are super nice and I think it would have been difficult to find a better workplace right after my studies.