Patrick brings broad experience and business insight to iCore

A strong interest in integration solutions made Patrick want to become part of iCore. Here, as an integration consultant, he wants to both contribute with the perspective from the customer side and add knowledge and experience in web-based data integration.

Hi Patrick! Tell us what to do at iCore.

I started working at iCore on April 19. It already feels like I've been here longer, not least because I've worked with iCore's integration solutions on the customer side for ten years. My position at iCore is integration consultant within operations. I will work primarily with API-led connectivity. An API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that forms the bridge between, for example, two systems, a controlled way of transferring information. An important part is to, based on the customer's business processes, create conditions for data communication between different digital systems, for example inventory and finance. The customer benefit of good integration solutions is simplification, reliability and efficiency of internal and external data communication, which in turn saves time and money for customers. This is also the purpose of the service.

What is your background?

For the past 14 years, I have worked as an IT developer for a leading Swedish wholesaler in home electronics. There, among other things, I ran integration projects with iCore's platform and worked with business system changes. Working with iCore's integration platforms sparked my interest to delve deeper and when a position at iCore appeared, I didn't hesitate.

How come you want to work at iCore?

I see great opportunities with iCore's products and look forward to deepening and specializing in, above all, api-led connectivity. In addition, I have previously worked together with two of iCore's employees. Based on what they told me, my interest was further piqued to work here.

How has your first time at iCore been?

Above all, I feel very welcome and I have received a wonderful treatment. My new colleagues are pleasant, friendly and helpful, iCore has an open and inviting work climate. I have also received a good introduction, where the onboarding process both follows clear routines and is adapted to the role and individual.

What do you want and can add to iCore?

Above all, I want to contribute to creating even greater insight into how to work with iCore's products and platforms and what business advantages it provides. Many integration solutions on the market are still linear, data first goes from a to b, then from c to d and so on. As iCore's integration platforms can become the hub of the entire process, completely new opportunities open up for customers, for example, the business system no longer needs to be the heart to which everything is connected, data can be communicated with the integration platform in the center, which provides a more efficient flow. With my experience from the customer side, I want to help iCore's customers optimize their integration solutions. I believe that greater insight into business and integration processes can contribute to increased business benefit for iCore's customers.

Do you work from home or in the office?

I live in Helsingborg and will mainly start from here. At the beginning, much of my working time consists of introduction and onboarding, partly at the office in Gothenburg and partly at home. Thanks to digital collaboration platforms, it works great to work remotely, even on the train.