iCore cooperates with the MATIX program at Gothenburg School of Economics

During the fall and spring, iCore is cooperating with the Matix master program at the Gothenburg School of Economics and the student Jesper Ulander. We ran into Jesper while he was patiently waiting for his first cup of morning coffee, and took the opportunity to ask him a couple of quick questions.

Good morning Jesper! Who are you and what are you doing at iCore?

- Hi! I am here two days a week as a part of my education at the Gothenburg School of Economics. The idea is to combine the theory from the academic program with practical experience at an interesting company. During my time here we will perform a number of projects together that will hopefully produce valuable results both for me and for iCore. Right now we are processing results from an employee survey, and starting up another project focusing on profitability calculation.

What is the Matix program?

- ”Matix” stands for ”Management Av Tillväxtföretag” (“Management of growth companies”, authors note), and is a one-year master program. I spend three days a week attending classes, doing group assignments, etc and the remaining two days here at iCore. To be accepted to the program, you need a bachelor degree in economics.

What do you hope to get out of your time here? And vice versa, what do you think our team at iCore can learn?

- I’m really looking forward to getting some insights into how a growing IT company like iCore operates. I think it will be very rewarding for me to finally put some of my theoretical skills into practice. With my background in economics, I hope I will be able to provide new ideas and perspectives on your business, which is very technology-driven.

Thanks for your time, we’ll let you enjoy your coffee now. Good luck with your work, we look forward to taking part of your results!

- Thanks, see you around!

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Mikael Boquist

Chief Executive Officer
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