iCore takes the lead in integration

A recent survey by the Radar Group identifies iCore as a leader in integration in the Nordic countries! The survey ranks iCore ahead of several global integration giants.

Radar defines Penetration as the percentage of Nordic organizations' preferred choice of integration technology among those with budget allocated to invest in the upcoming 24 months. Leadership is a mix of value leadership (competence and resources, customer feedback on projects, ability to execute) and technology leadership (as-a-service option or merely a traditional software platform).

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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  • News

    iCore – leader in creating customer value

    iCore has achieved a top ranking in Radar’s annual survey on IT supplier quality.

  • Events

    iCore at Radar Summit 2018

    The annual Radar summit is coming up on November 13th, and iCore will of course participate both as exhibitor and presenter.

  • Events

    iCore at Integrate2Innovate 2018

    On the 24th of April, iCore will be joining the Radar event Integrate2Innovate at the Birger Jarl conference center in Stockholm.