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Event recap: iCore Customer & Partner Day 2017

Our annual customer and partner events took place on the 14th and 16th of March and was made successful thanks to interesting presentations and a very active, engaged audience!

The main theme of this year’s event was Bringing order to the digital mess. Our aim was to provide real-life insights from companies that are in the middle of a digitization challenge. We want to give special thanks to our guest speakers (Freddie, Jan, Hans and Henrik) for sharing their experiences and know-how! Make sure to download their presentations from our event page.

Towards the end of the afternoon we gathered all the speakers on the stage and took questions from the audience. We got a really interesting discussion going, and we hope that at least a couple of people felt inspired and got some new ideas for approaching their digital challenges.

Thanks again for contributing to a successful event! We have received a lot of valuable input via our event survey and will consider all your comments and helpful suggestions for next year’s event. We hope to see you then (if not sooner).

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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