iCore Summit - Future around the corner!

Date: April 8, 2021

Location: Webinar

We talk daily about opportunities for digitization, innovation, robotization, and automated processes. The demands on dealing with rapid change are constantly growing. One area that has had a hectic year is Retail, Transport & Logistics. Everything about e-commerce has been on steroids since the pandemic hit. The turnover of physical stores is declining while e-commerce is going stronger than ever.

It's all about taking a place on the web and optimizing your delivery ability to the customer!
And everyone is talking about the cloud, a multifaceted concept that has as many meanings as people in space. What's your definition?

Welcome to a series of inspiring webinars! To learn more and sign up for the event, visit our event page (in Swedish).

Annika Jörs

Marketing Coordinator & Inside Sales
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