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Change of ERP leads to new iCIS integration at OEM

OEM is one of the leading technical trading companies in Europe, with 25 operating units in fourteen countries.

OEM started using iCore Integration Suite a few years ago to integrate between e-business platform eNova from Wipcore and ERP system M3/Movex. A management decision to slowly introduce a new ERP system, SAP, has prompted a new integration project.

The current situation demands that information from the e-business platform is integrated in real time as well as in batches with both ERP systems. With its loosely designed integration architecture, iCIS makes it possible to run the two ERP systems side by side fully integrated with e-Nova during a stepwise transition period, without interrupting any information flows or procedures.

iCIS manages and keeps track of all integration transactions. This will simplify the ERP change from a technical as well as an administrative perspective and it is in projects like this that the benefits of well-designed integration become obvious.

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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