Cost-saving integration at Tradeship Distribution

Tradeship Distribution is a company in the Sportmanship Group and is responsible for the goods distribution within the group. Goods to be distributed are kept in Tradeship's warehouse in Billdal. Sweden. Since the group operates internationally, exports must be reported to the Customs authority and may be subject to customs fees and VAT. The reporting is done in KSD Edicom, a certified application for communication with the Customs authority.

Legally, the goods are duty free until they actually leave the warehouse. This means that it is financially beneficial to pay the duties and VAT as close to the actual shipment as possible.

The solution from iCore integrates the goods flow between the ERP system Navision XAL and KSD Edicom so that goods are automatically reported when a shipment is about to take place. The VAT and, in case of export to a non-EU country, export duties are then regulated with the Customs Authority.

"Sportmanship Group is clearly a company that lies ahead of many competitors when it comes to using cost-saving solutions. This type of solution is most interesting for any enterprise that exports goods subject to duties and VAT. It could save a lot of money - the more you export, the more money you can save by automatic reporting to the Customs authority", says Jonas Werner, KAM at iCore Solutions.

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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