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iCore Solutions and Maginus are now partners

Our cooperation with Maginus is important to us - it is one of our strategic steps towards putting ourselves on the international market. Maginus is a leading Dynamic partner in the UK with a specific niche competence within retail. As a complement to the Dynamic competence, Magínus have documented and well-proven know-how within integration. We are very pleased to announce this partnership and look forward to a mutual prosperous cooperation.

The following statement is produced by Maginus regarding our cooperation.

Maginus provide a range of software and technology solutions that will meet all your business management needs in a tightly integrated environment. Maginus' solution set is designed to address unique business requirement of organisations in the Multi-Channel Retail, B2B Distribution and Food and Beverage industries and consist of Microsoft Dynamics AX, e-Commerce and back office solutions.

"Seamless integration is crucial within the multi-channel landscape; our customers often find that they use multiple systems and applications throughout their business and have issues providing integration in-line with their new and existing business processes. To compete in an ever-changing retail space, our customers want to provide a unified and integrated customer experience.
This partnership with iCore is an important step for us to continually provide our customers with the best-in-class technology. We chose iCore Solutions because of their pre-existing relationship with our eCommerce platform (EPiServer), their experience integrating with AX and because iCore is a .NET solution. iCore products are frequently used as an alternative or accelerator for custom development in Java or Microsoft .NET.

With iCore, you get all the flexibility of standard programming languages without the disadvantages. iCore allows you to develop the exact integrations you need, allowing you to completely customize the information flows throughout your business."

The iCore suite would benefit our customers and enable them to...

  • Increase development speed and flexibility by eliminating unnecessary steps in the development cycle.
  • Implement scalability, security and higher performance - the solid application architecture avoids synchronous dependencies between applications. These flexible and open integrations allow customers to adapt their business processes over time.
  • Fast, secure and reliable information exchange with partners.
  • Use and reuse ready-made functionality - (such as business rules, workflows, security functions, mapping, reporting, alarm, tracking...) and thus avoid re-inventing the wheel.
  • Enhance the efficiency and control of their IT environment and information flows throughout their enterprise.
  • iCore gives IT departments the tools and the control to work effectively when configuring dynamic business solutions that support new and existing business processes.

Read more at www.maginus.com.

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