iCore Solutions and Star Republic have become partners

We are proud to welcome Star Republic as a new professional integration partner on the e-commerce market. The idea of the partnership is that iCore will deliver the integration platform and knowledge to new and existing Star Republic customers that want to integrate their e-commerce transactions, in an intelligent and cost effective way, with their ERP or other applications.

Star Republic about themselves
Yes, we are Star Republic. It may seem exaggerated... but everything you have heard about us is true! Every day we struggle with tiger blood to deliver business value to our customers in order to turn them into kings and project members into stars. It's rock'n'roll for us! We are a fast growing software and consulting company with one gear, GO! - with focus on Electronic Inbetween Trade, i.e. e-commerce between an organization and all stakeholders. We focus on medium and large organizations, and the public sector.


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