Learn how to become more agile and data driven

Carl-Adam Wachtmeister (Business Development Manager at iCore) recently appeared on the Transforming business podcast hosted by ByBrick management. In the episode, he shares some of his insights into how infrastructure and digital strategy creates the foundation for business development and innovation.

You can listen to the episode here (in Swedish).

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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  • The market

    The Digital Paradox

    Our perception of digitalization is a result of all our experience in this practice – spiced with mindset and knowledge.

  • The market

    Turning data and information into profit

    Data and information is the glue that allows the company making the right decisions to drive profits. Without insights about how the market works, it would be impossible to match the ever-changing demand of the customers.

  • The market

    Innovation – everybody is talking about it, but nobody is doing it!

    Innovation is at the top of management agenda to address the new challenges of digitalization. However, innovation is not primarily a tool or process but a mindset and culture.