Nortransport expands its B2B/EDI solution

Norwegian transport company Nortransport has been using iCore Integration Suite (iCIS) as its main integration platform for B2B/EDI since 2015. The initiative was started when one of the company’s customers, Hasselfors Garden, issued new reporting requirements. In the initial project, B2B communication was set up to generate and transmit orders, order confirmations, loading instructions, and invoices between the Nortransport FTP, Transport Management System (TMS) and the Hasselfors Garden web service.

After the successful implementation with Hasselfors Garden, Nortransport has used the iCore platform to manage B2B/EDI communication with yet another customer. The new solution handles orders and order confirmations as well as pick-up and delivery messages.

Thanks to the built-in administration and monitoring tools in iCIS, Nortransport has full control of its B2B/EDI communication at all times:

“iCore helped us build all the integrations we’re currently running. The iCore team was very professional and experienced, and provided us with great suggestions and creative solutions throughout the project. We still have a few integration flows running outside iCIS, but our long-term goal is to run everything through iCIS. We’ve found that the traceability features in the product alone makes it all worthwhile, even when advanced processings and format conversions aren’t required”, says Robert Lorenzo Nilsen, IT consultant at Nortransport.

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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